Rebuilding Exchange has barn wood in Chicago

Barn wood in Chicago

Gorgeous barn wood at Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago.

If you’re looking for barn wood in Chicago, head over to Rebuilding Exchange now. They have bays full of barn wood from Michigan. I was there last weekend, and I can confirm it is gorgeous, more affordable than anything I’ve seen elsewhere, and the money goes to a good cause: supporting an organization dedicated to keeping old-growth lumber out of landfills and available to local woodworkers and tradesmen.

If you’re not into barn wood, they also have some amazing old growth yellow pine and fir timbers from Detroit demolitions. I picked up some choice 3x10s and 4x6s, some of which I plan to keep the way they are, and others I plan to plane down and refinish.

Primitive, weathered reclaimed furniture and siding may be all the rage right now, but even if it goes out of style, these reclaimed timbers are still far superior to new lumber. Planed, they glow with a mature patina that you just cannot find in modern species.


3 thoughts on “Rebuilding Exchange has barn wood in Chicago

  1. Thanks for the heads up!. I was actually planning on heading up there today anyways! First I’m making a trip up to Horigans UFP in Skokie. If you don’t know about them, you should definitly check them out. They mill urban forestry around these parts and have some beautiful hardwood!

    1. RH, thanks for the comment. I’ve been dying to check out Horrigan’s but I’ve been intimidated to visit a real lumber yard since I’m pretty green. Are they cool with beginners who might need a little help figuring out how to buy hardwood? Do they let you pick your own wood?

      1. They are great there. Erika Horigan is usually the person that I deal with on the floor. She is very attentive and willing to help. Before I was ready to buy anything, I went there and just walked around to get an idea of what they had and how the place worked. Slabs aren’t cheap, but when you consider how much uncut lumber you’re getting and the process that they went through to get it to you, it’s well worth it. I picked up a 2″ x 20″ x 8.5′ slab of hard maple for 275 (including tax). They do have some nice quarter sawn lumber for less, but they have more slabs. At the very least, you should definitely go have a look and introduce yourself to Erika. If you feel intimidated, do a little research first on kild drying, milling lumber, and how to work with slabs.

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