Libertyville Woodcraft closes its doors

Libertyville Woodcraft closes its doors

The Chicago area has one less woodworking resource today as the Libertyville Woodcraft has closed it doors. Over the past few days I’ve been getting emails announcing huge price reductions, so I figured this was coming, and today I got an email announcing the store had closed.

This shop had a good selection and great people working there. It will be missed.

The Downer’s Grove store is still open.


3 thoughts on “Libertyville Woodcraft closes its doors

  1. Hi Steve,
    I’m in Grayslake, just 10 min. north of this store. I’ve been coming to this store and buying tools and supplies since the day it opened. Enjoyed being recognized and cruzing the tool aisles every time.

    I almost bought this franchise when they moved from Dundee?… near HF. Now I’m glad I didn’t. I wonder if the extremely long hard winter was too much? so sad. They really tried to succeed, I thought.
    Now, I’m bummed I never went to that chip carving class.

    Last week, I went in to help pick the carcass clean…felt terrible about it. I bought a 489.00 Jet oscillating drum sander for 290.00 and a wood river 60 1/2 for 65.00. I also got a handful of router bits, and sanding supplies. saved over 30%.

    As I was checking out, I thought about taking pictures of the store and the staff and writing a nice goodbye tribute to them on Lumberjocks but I didn’t. I was glad to see your blog at least.

    But I’m going to miss going to woodcraft and picking up another Pheil chisel or a new blade. I’ll miss looking at the lacy grains and birds eye maple boards. I’ll never have to resist buying that Kapex for 1350.00 – paying full price! Ha! I won’t have to drool on the Festool vacuum or the 5″ orbital sander.

    No more spending twice what the ol’ lady said I could. No more friendly conversations with the staff, showing off the latest battle scar, sharing a story about a project.

    A sad day indeed.

    1. Great tribute, Mark. I had to travel an hour to get there and only started woodworking a few months ago, so I only made it there once. But I felt lucky knowing there was a real woodworking store even that close. I bought my first good tool there and it was great being able to see it before buying it and talk to folks who knew what they were talking about. I know I can buy whatever I need online, but its not the same.

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